9.30-16.00 BST online course

Our programme aims to equip practitioners to:

  • Understand what we mean when we talk about taking a ‘systemic approach’ in a safeguarding context
  • Understand how a systemic theory of change may influence how professionals offer interventions to families
  • Think about power in relationships and within the organisation and consider how aspects of difference and diversity may influence relationships
  • Learn how to formulate systemic hypotheses and then to use these as interventions to bring about change
  • Understand the effect different kinds of questions have when we use them with families and learn how to ask circular questions as systemic interventions. 
  • Consider the importance of the genogram as a systemic tool and learn how to draw, annotate and use genograms for meetings, supervision and case discussion – and for therapeutic intervention. 

Each day of the programme will combine a formal, didactic approach delivered via online video, live chat with tutors via message boards to support theory to practice application, as well as  ‘live’ seminar sessions facilitated by a trainer within a Zoom classroom. Within these live sessions, the group will be encouraged to engage in whole group conversations and debates as well as smaller group activities via break out rooms.

Day 1 – An Introduction to Systemic Ideas in a Safeguarding Context Day 2 – Milan Ideas within a Safeguarding Context: Hypothesising and Circular Questions as Interventions for Change Day 3 – The Genogram as a Systemic Tool: An Introduction to the Effective Use of Genograms as Tools for Case Discussion and Therapeutic Work