9.30-16.00 BST online course

Our programme aims to equip practitioners to:

  • Understand what we mean when we talk about taking a ‘systemic approach’ in adult social care
  • Understand how a systemic theory of change may influence how professionals offer interventions to adults they are working with
  • Think about power within the organisation and consider the influence that aspects of difference and diversity might have on relationships.
  • Learn how to formulate systemic hypotheses and then to use these as interventions to bring about change
  • Understand the effect different kinds of questions have when we use them with adults and their wider systems and learn how to ask circular questions as systemic interventions
  • Consider the importance of the genogram as a systemic tool and learn how to draw, annotate and use genograms for meetings, supervision and case discussion – and for direct work

Each day of the programme will combine a variety of teaching methods. There will be live seminars facilitated by a tutor which will include whole group teaching and discussion, as well as small group breakout rooms where students will have an opportunity to actively participate in exercises with their colleagues. There will also be formal, didactic teaching delivered via online video, as well as live chat with tutors on message boards. All of the teaching is aimed to support theory to practice application. 

Day 1 – An introduction to systemic ideas in adult social care Day 2 – Milan ideas within adult social care Day 3 – The genogram as a systemic tool